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st justin's primary school fete!

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Catholic Club

Last week I was extremely chuffed at the chance to join with current and ex board members, staff and local dignitaries, in a celebration event for the 50th Anniversary of the Campbelltown Catholic Club. I'm certain most of us at some stage in the 50 years, have used some part of the venue or participated in an event coordinated by, or had our lives effected by the great donations and contributions the Cahto has made in our community. As with most nostalgic events, it was great to see the early days of the Catho celebrated so well. The journey of the club from a brainchild of local legends Bill Meehan, the brothers McDonald, John O'reilly an Noel Hill, was a result of a working bee. The parents of St Johns Schools kids had been working hard and gathered in the evening for a beer to relax. The idea was born and the process of creating the club took off. Local historian Jeff McGill, has put together a book for the occasion which not only tells the story of the club but I think in reality shows how our Macarthur area has grown so much and so fast over the past 50 years. I'm extremely proud to have been asked to be a Director of the Club through the later part of the 'OO's and I'm proud of the great work the club continues to do the this very day. With such a bright future to look forward to, here's to the next 50 years!!