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Here at Wakeling Automotive we receive a large number of requests for sponsorship from the community. In order to process requests for consideration, the company has established the following guidelines and criteria for any sponsorship.

All requests for sponsorship will be evaluated by the Sponsorship Co-ordinator to ascertain the appropriateness of the sponsorship, based on but not limited, to the following criteria:

  • Consistency with Paul Wakeling Motor Group’s brand values
  • Relevance of sponsorship activity to core business
  • Leveraging opportunity of sponsorship through a range of benefits including naming rights, signage, PR, advertising etc.
  • Cost, timing and geographic spread of sponsorship
  • Credibility of the organisation seeking sponsorship
  • Business relationship with the individual or organisation - customer, associate, supplier etc.

Wakeling Automotive does not provide sponsorship of the following organisations or areas:

  • Political or religious organisations
  • Programs endorsing drug or alcohol use
  • Programs that denigrate, exclude or offend minority community groups
  • Programs that may present a hazard to the environment
  • Programs that do not reflect general community standards


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